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Tori and the Professor's Sensual Seminar

Tori and the Professor’s Sensual Seminar

By reddoor / September 18, 2020 /

Pools of honey coat the floor beneath her feet, dripping from his mouth as he speaks. She is suspended in her seat, feet helplessly glued to the ground. The hands of a conductor, fingers moving like the toes of dancers, instructive and hypnotic. She had always wondered what those hands could do to her. It’s…

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Alexis's Garden of Eden Adventure

Alexa’s Garden of Eden Adventure

By reddoor / September 11, 2020 /

Alexa wandered through the exotic garden, enjoying her day off. As she meandered toward a statue, a man suddenly appeared from nowhere. His pencil-thin silver moustache glittered in the sun, and he smiled. “Well, hello,” he said. “Hi,” Alexa said. “You seem surprised to see me,” he said. “I am,” she said. “I had no…

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Arianna's Beach Afternoon Quickie

Arianna’s Beach Afternoon Quickie

By reddoor / August 21, 2020 /

The cool wind blew through Arianna’s long, silky hair. She walked on the beach, feeling content about her life. She had spent the previous night with a sensuous older lover who made her cum repeatedly with his magic fingers and very, long, girthy dick. She felt satisfied although admittingly she could have spent a few…

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Zara's Romp With A Reborn Virgin

Zara’s Romp With A Reborn Virgin

By reddoor / August 7, 2020 / Comments Off on Zara’s Romp With A Reborn Virgin

Tony stared at the divorce papers. After twenty years, his wife – now ex-wife – was finished. She had run off with a younger man who owned a tattoo parlour. He chalked it up a mid-life crisis. She had always had a thing for Axl Rose, and he should have known when this guy tattooed…

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Flashback Fantasy to A Fifties Fetish

Flashback Fantasy to A Fifties Fetish

By reddoor / July 10, 2020 / Comments Off on Flashback Fantasy to A Fifties Fetish

Mike had never been happier. He had just fucked Jennifer for more than two hours, eating her pussy, fucking doggy style, watching her tickle her clit with her little silver vibrator and receiving the blow job of his life. Now, she was in the kitchen cooking him breakfast. Seeing a woman in a sheer pink…

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Naughty Victoria Gets A Deserved Spanking

Naughty Victoria Gets A Deserved Spanking

By reddoor / July 3, 2020 / Comments Off on Naughty Victoria Gets A Deserved Spanking

It was her ass and tattoos that caught Chris’ eye in the bar. A perfectly rounded ass, the kind that could take a good spanking while fucking her from behind. The kind that he liked. The kind that made him immediately rock hard. And her tattoos. He loved a woman with tattoos. He had begged…

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Simone's Unexpected Afternoon Surprise

Simone’s Unexpected Afternoon Surprise

By reddoor / June 19, 2020 / Comments Off on Simone’s Unexpected Afternoon Surprise

Lisa strolled through the vintage store searching for some early 1970s clothes. Lately, she had been on a free love kick, and to be honest, she needed some love. Her last boyfriend didn’t do it for her. She needed kinky, and he wanted cuddling. A decade ago, Lisa wouldn’t even look at a man. It…

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Laura's Horny Date Night

Laura’s Horny Date Night

By reddoor / June 12, 2020 / Comments Off on Laura’s Horny Date Night

Charlie needed a date. A good old-fashioned date where he could woo over dinner and dessert. Maybe if things went okay, his dick would be her dessert, but he didn’t necessarily have to go down that path. But, yeah, a blow job would be nice. Since his divorce, Charlie had been lonely. Really lonely. His…

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Chloe’s Gifts To A Horny Man

By reddoor / May 21, 2020 / Comments Off on Chloe’s Gifts To A Horny Man

Hank needed a release. It had been more than three months since he had fucked, and his pent-up sexual frustration was ready to explode. He didn’t want chit-chat, he didn’t want foreplay, he wanted to fuck. Chloe arrived at Hank’s apartment looking like the poster girl of seduction. Her long blond hair highlighted her sun-drenched…

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Angie’s Naughty Soccer Adventure

By reddoor / May 8, 2020 / Comments Off on Angie’s Naughty Soccer Adventure

Kyle fancied Angie. Angie, tall, brunette, and mysterious, never gave much away about herself. They had met in a bar, and his eyes had immediately fallen her gorgeous tits and then her perfectly rounded ass. He knew he had to have her. That night, she followed him to his car and before he could open…

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