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Maddison Ellis

Height: 5'7"  /  Bust: B  /  Size: 6-8  /  Age: 20

I’m thinking of you even though we haven’t met yet, as I stand in front of the mirror brushing my dark glossy hair. Your pleasure is my pleasure and I’m so deep in the fantasy of your climax – your hardness bucking inside me, your hot breath on the back of my neck that I’m surprised when the bristles of the brush graze my cherry nipples and I realise that I am still standing naked in front the mirror. With my pretty fox eyes I see the glossy pink tip of my tongue as my soft lips part. My pulse is rushing to throb inside my delicate throat, my beautiful ​petite ​ breasts are gently bobbing faster and faster as the oxygen in my firm, lithe flesh begins to constellate only around one sweet place. Slender, silky legs weaken beneath me so I ease myself onto my juicy ass and slide closer to the mirror.

Once more,

I part my lips,

and then…

there is knock on the door.

​Maddison Ellis is a born lover, gifted with an erotic intuition and a chameleon ability to embody your fantasies. A skilled and passionate performer of the art of fucking who can release the vivid pleasures in the body of any man or woman.

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