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Serena King

Height: 5'3"  /  Bust: DD  /  Size: 8  /  Age: 19

As a beautiful black woman, I understand more than most beauty is more than skin deep. Why are black woman so beautiful you may ask? There is always the irresistible attraction to our booty and body, our hair, face or skin. But that’s only what you see and what is judged. As a black woman i am so much more. I am confident and have an ability to relate and vibe with a positive attitude, i’m fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

I speak my mind, think my own thoughts, I do not compromise on what’s in my heart and I have courage and strength to be me.

I am adorned with grace, ineffably fashioned with beauty, I move with eloquence and blessed with elegance.

My motto is act like a queen and a king will find you…

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