Sydney's Hottest Anal Escorts

Let’s be honest. You either love anal play, hate it, or really want to try it.

Maybe you tried it a few times in the past, and doing something seemingly so naughty, made you get off unlike anything you have ever experienced. If you hated it, that’s okay. Everyone has their favourite orgasmic fixes. Or perhaps, this forbidden fun is on your sexual bucket list, and you cannot wait to give it a go.

Our high-class anal escorts in Sydney can turn your anal fantasies into reality, offering an unforgettable backdoor climax leaving you wanting oh-so-much more.

High Class Sydney Anal Escorts

What is the anal escort experience?

Butt sex is often considered taboo, but some of our elite escorts love getting wild. Yes, they love ass sex as much as you do. They specialise in receiving and giving so you both can enjoy wicked pleasure that matches your wildest erotic dreams.

Imagine spreading a beautiful woman’s perfectly tanned butt cheeks, gliding into her well-lubed rear erogenous zone with your dick as she grips the headboard and moans your name.

Perhaps, you prefer rimming. Our anal escort will use her seductive superpowers to tickle your back with tongue flicks before inching her way to your ass, continuing her tongue lashings until you erupt.

High Class Anal Escorts from Red Door Agency

Want to try anal beads? Beads offer the best stimulation when they are inserted slowly, one at a time into your anus. The magic comes – so to speak – as the beads are pushed in and pulled out rhythmically. Some beads vibrate, creating more zing in your zone. Our escorts can bring these to your rendezvous.

If you like butt plugs, our anal escort has those, too. A butt plug is smaller than a dildo and can greatly loosen you up to enjoy an exciting night of anal play. Beads and butt plugs are an easy way to become relaxed – for you and her – before pursuing anal sex if you want to go that far.

Our anal escorts will turn any bed into a pleasure playground.

High Class Anal Escorts from Red Door Agency
We Love Anal As Much As You

Some nights you want raunchy. We do, too.

Many of our porn star experience escorts are skilled mistresses in anal play.

Have you always heard that a blow job is mind blowing if you also have a butt plug or anal beads inserted into your ass? You may have never tried this because your wife, girlfriend, or casual lover is shy and scared. Our PSE escort won’t be skittish. She knows exactly what to do to give you the orgasm of your life.

Imagine one of our beautiful escorts in black lace lingerie, thigh-high stockings, and a garter belt showing shows up at your hotel door.

“Get on the bed and lie on your stomach,” she says seductively after a brief introduction.

Our escort massages your anus passionately with lube because she knows the key to good anal sex is relaxation. She then walks in front of you, and you watch as she straps on a pink dildo. She slides into you and begins to fuck you as your mind forgets anything else exists in the world but that moment with her.

As you feel yourself on the edge of coming, you make a swift move. The tables turn. You flip her over, spread her legs, and thrust your dick into her. This starts an erotic session of fucking and licking that lasts until you collapse in sweaty, fulfilled exhaustion.

That’s the Red Door porn star experience (PSE) blended with anal play. Some of our PSE escorts don’t go for butt playing, but some do. When you call to book, make sure you specify what you want.

Our PSE and anal escorts Sydney truly crave erotic nights that you won’t get at home. Trust us.

The Kinkiest Anal Escorts In Sydney

Two is better than one

Want to throw caution to the wind and unleash all of your desires? Is your significant other into raunchy, too? Invite her to play with you and an escort. Some of our elite escorts think more the merrier when it comes to indulging in naughtiness nights. Yes, a threesome.

You can fuck your lover while our anal escort penetrates you with a strap-on or rims you – or visa versa. Your lover may want to take the reins in the strap-on saddle while you enjoy our escort. The sexual possibilities are endless.

That’s why we’re here to help you to make your sexual dreams reality.

High Class Anal Escorts from Red Door Agency
High Class Anal Escorts from Red Door Agency
High Class Anal Escorts from Red Door Agency

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High Class Sydney Anal Escorts

Our Sydney anal escorts want to get you off

Our escorts are independent, classy, smart, confident women with open minds who know how to please themselves – and you.

Red Door is high-end, elite, and most importantly, discreet. No one will ever know you indulged in one of our experiences unless you tell them.

Our stunningly beautiful high class escorts Sydney take great pride in their sexual talents like anal play. Many of our clients say that our escorts gift them with carnal memories that they replay often in their minds and long to experience again.

When you call to book one of our escorts, tell us what you want from your anal play experience. Be very specific.

For example, if you want your escort to bring anal beads and butt plugs, say so. If you want anal sex, tell us. We will match your specific requests with one of our high class escorts Sydney. Not all of our escorts like anal play, and we don’t want to match you with the wrong escort.

You can book an anal escort for an hour, a night, or even longer to get a total butt play experience. Our global clients love our escorts and their naughtiness and expertise.

Red Door escorts have a calling in life to give pleasure, and that’s why our clients return time and again for their carnal needs.

Make The Call. You Know You Want To

How do I book an anal escort in Sydney?

  • You can call us seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our bookings coordinator is ready to help you with your anal play experience whether you live in the city or are visiting.

  • Remember, don’t be shy when you talk to our coordinator. She wants to know explicitly what you want.

  • Please take note of this requirement: Our escorts have a two-hour minimum Sydney escort booking. You can, of course, book for more than two hours.

  • We want you to have an unbelievable, and certainly unforgettable, anal play experience, and we are here to make that happen.

Anal Escorts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all your escorts offer anal sex?

A lot of escorts do not provide anal sex for a variety of reasons. They may prefer to keep this for their private life, consider it too painful, risky or just not into this service. Never force anal sex on your escort and never ever do a sneaky “whoops wrong hole” story.

2. Who does offer anal and how much?

Again, anal is a very delicate and specific service that demands more attention to many factors. This service will never be “promised” to you before the escort meets with you. Preparation to provide anal sex that is both pleasurable and hygienic for you both requires notice and your escort will ask for more rate to cover this time. Expect extra rates as per her request, usually upwards of $300 on top of the standard rate.

3. Why can’t you guarantee your escort is going to perform anal sex with me?

Anal sex is quite different from vaginal sex despite most men just think whatever its just another hole. WRONG.! Before your escort makes the decision to have anal sex with you, she will want to see how big you are and decide then. Even if she is ok with anal the body is not designed to just have things shoved in the anus without preparation. She may want to spend an extra hour with you to engage in anal stimulation and play first to get things stimulated and lubricated.

4. Will the escort perform pegging on me?

Short answer is some will, some won’t. All escorts are not equal and if she is comfortable and has agreed to this service it’s ok. Anal stimulation, play, penetration on both of you is ok providing you have discussed this at the beginning of your service and have discussed the extra service costs.

5. What if I pay her at the beginning for anal sex and then we don’t do it?

Discuss this at the very beginning of your service with your escort and politely ask her if the service is not given can you receive the extra payment back. Of course, this will never be a problem if service isn’t provided.

6. Can I get a prostate massage?

Yes, certain escorts do offer prostate massage. Always enquire prior to your booking if this is a service you would like.

7. Why isn't anal included in the basic service?

Anal sex is very much a specialty service and is only available from certain escorts as part of their extras menu. It is a service which is considered above and beyond the standard sex service. Like in any other industry a plus one product or service comes with a price. Sex is no different.

8. Can I have anal sex with her for the duration of the booking?

Escorts who agree to anal sex with you will also agree to how long penetration should last and how hard or fast. Each escort has their own likes and dislikes so always communicate with her at the beginning and set your anal sex boundaries.

9. Can I do bareback anal with the escort?

Absolutely NEVER EVER will an escort provide an unsafe sex service.

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