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You and your lover desire the same thing – another woman.

A ménage a trois. Threesome. A third.

Have you always wanted to add a beautiful woman into your bedroom universe? Do you imagine having a woman who you and your significant other could enjoy?

Our bisexual elite escorts are more than happy to indulge in a bedroom trinity with their spectacular erotic gifts – cunnilingus, blow jobs, and, of course, explosive sex.

If you are a tad shy with a threesome, our couples escort will make you feel immediately at ease. If you are ready to rev your sexual engines, our escort is ready to G-O.

Escorts for Couples

What is an escort for couples?

Go ahead, confess. You have fantasised about having a threesome with your partner.

You may have even considered asking a mutual female friend to join you. But that could get messy. A night of fun passion and intense orgasms could become complicated and awkward with someone you know personally. Not to mention the possibility of opening a door to jealousy or your third blabbing to your mutual friends. 

You won't have to worry with one of our elite escorts. They don't kiss and tell. They want you to have a delicious night of debauchery with ultimate freedom to unleash your hedonistic wildness with not one, but two lovers. 

High Class Escorts for Couples from Red Door Agency

Our couples escorts are discreet and understanding, sensual and smart. They will make you feel relaxed as if the three of you have been old mates for years. They also listen to what you and your partner want. If you have ground rules, tell her.

For instance, fucking may be a no-no, but it’s fine if she and another woman pleasure each other endlessly. If you’re the guy, you may just want to lean back and watch. Or maybe ultimately everyone in the threesome gets intense gratification. Orgasms for all! The best kind.

When you book one of our escorts for couples, you automatically get the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) as part of your booking. Your high class escort becomes you and your partner’s girlfriend. She will be flirty and romantic. She likes men. She likes women. She’s ready to like you as a couple.

The three of you may have a lovely dinner and some cocktails. But your escort will be your yummy dessert.

You take her back to your place. On the way there, she kisses both of you. You can’t wait to get her naked and feel her soft skin next to yours. You don’t wait. Your hand slips into the plunging neck of her dress, and her perfectly firm breast and hard nipple greets you while she kisses your partner. Hello, foreplay!

Inside the room, now in total privacy, she slips out of her dress and makes both of you watch.

“Join me,” she beckons, naked and stunning.

Clothes fall to the floor, and your carnal dream of a threesome ignites. She is equally happy sucking a dick or eating a pussy. Everyone tastes each other's juices. Your threesome escort gets out her toys, and you both watch her pleasure herself to a moaning orgasm before she begs to let her get you both off -- however you want. Let your imagination roam.

Our gorgeous threesome escorts cannot get -- or give -- enough pleasure. They have mesmerising sexual skills that will leave you breathless. You will want another booking for another fiery rendezvous as soon as possible.

Escorts for Couples

Woman + Man + Man = That Can Happen!

Sometimes, a gay or bisexual male couple may want to add a woman to the mix for a different kind of fun. One of our threesome escorts will be content to pleasure both of you.

Open-minded and savvy, your escort will know exactly what buttons you need pushed to make your fantasy with her come true. Maybe one of you wants anal play with her while she indulges in a flawlessly orchestrated blowjob. Maybe both of you want to fuck her.

Fulfilling your desire is our mission.

High Class Escorts for Couples from Red Door Agency
High Class Escorts for Couples from Red Door Agency
High Class Escorts for Couples from Red Door Agency

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Escorts for Couples

Our Sydney threesome escorts love bisexual escapades

Our threesome escorts are independent, classy, smart, confident women who know how to pleasure themselves – and both of you. Your couples escort will add the perfect amount of sensual zing to your time with her, and you could end up keeping her as your third again and again.

Our agency is high-end, elite, and most importantly, discreet. No one will ever know you and your partner enjoyed a Red Door threesome experience unless you tell them.

Our stunningly beautiful high class escorts have fantastic, toned bodies and unparalled sexual talents. Many of our clients from around the world and in Sydney say that the time they spend with our gorgeous escorts is unlike anything they have ever experienced.

When you call to book one of our escorts, tell us what you want from your escort for couples. Be very specific.

If you want your escort to include sex toys like dildos or anal beads, please say so. If you want your escort only to pleasure the female in your relationship, tell us. Want porn star experience during your booking? Request it. And if you feel shy, and this is your first time with a threesome, tell us that, too.

We want to successfully match your specific requests with one of our high class escorts in Sydney. You can book her for a couple of hours, a night, or even longer to get all the gratification you and your partner craves.

Red Door clients give our escorts for couples in Sydney glowing reviews about their anything-goes enthusiasm. They know what they are doing, and they know how to make you and your partner have the threesome experience you’ve long desired.

That’s why our clients come back to us time and again for their threesome fun.

Escorts for Couples

How do I book an escort for a couple?

  • You can call us seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our bookings coordinator is ready to help you book your couples escort whether you live in the city or are visiting.

  • Remember, don’t be shy when you talk to our coordinator. She wants to know explicitly what you want. That’s the best way to match you with the ideal escort got you and your partner’s needs.

  • Please take note of this requirement: Our escorts have a two-hour minimum Sydney escort booking. You can, of course, book for more than two hours.

  • We want you to have a mind blowing couples escort experience, which leaves you coming back for seconds -- and thirds.

Couple Escorts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we meet before we take her to the bedroom to make sure the chemistry is right?

Absolutely, In, fact we strongly recommend it especially if you are a committed couple not just casual sex partners. Having an hour together first to chat and feel each’s others chemistry is very important. We can design rates accordingly to accommodate a companionship/sex package.

2. We want to set guidelines about who penetrates who. Is this ok?

Absolutely. Some couples prefer a no penetration rule just a touch service. Others have a watch but don’t touch philosophy. It is highly recommended you go over the sex scenario before you engage in a threesome. You must talk about what is off limits and what is acceptable. Rules are you must establish physical barriers first, so this becomes an emotional, safe experience for you.

3. Can we pick a safe word and stop if things aren’t going well?

Absolutely. You should always discuss with each other a word that indicates to each other things are moving too fast or you’re no longer feeling emotionally safe in the situation. Always discuss this word with your escort so she can honour your limits throughout the experience. Communication is key.

4. We have never done this before. Is this ok?

Communication is key here. Share your fears, concerns, expectations for the sex scenario with each other. Then share them honestly with your escort. The experience is moving you both into unknown territory and like all other life situations you must talk it out and don’t be afraid to tell the truth.

5. Will our escort get things started in the bedroom because we are both shy?

Absolutely. Before you get into the fun stuff discuss with your escort that you would like her to initiate after establishing the touch barriers. She will be following your guidelines and is an expert knowing what to do and when to get things moving towards “sexy”. Also, discuss who is going to be the one to politely end when it's time.

6. Will our escort provide condoms?

Yes, escorts always provide condoms and engage in safe sex practice. A key point here is to ensure in the heat of the moment your boyfriend/husband knows not to double dip. Discuss this prior so he is ready to switch from perhaps natural sex with you to popping on a condom if sex is agreed with the escort. Be mindful of sharing body fluids. Tip #1: Limit drugs and alcohol to ensure the boundaries which have been set are not violated.

7. We have kids and need to set a date to make this a special occasion. Is this ok?

Absolutely. Most couples prepare in advance when scoping out to engage in a threesome with an escort. Commonly around a special day for the couple like a birthday or anniversary. Escorts feel very privileged to be invited into your private scenario and enjoy preparing for you and will make sure they are available on the day and time suitable for you.

8. How much will this cost?

Couple services start at a very reasonable rate that includes packages to suit your needs. Generally, for an hour full sex service expect to pay upwards of $900, depending on the escort and desired experience.

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