The Best Girlfriend Experience (GFE) in Sydney

You’ve left behind your ordinary world, and you’re longing for a pleasant evening with a beautiful woman who could, for a few hours, be your girlfriend. No pressure to talk about work stresses, household problems, or relationship talk. You want a woman who simply understands your basic manly needs.

Envision this: A gorgeous, intelligent, and elegant woman sits across from you at dinner, drinking champagne and truly enjoying the conversation. She’s dressed like a supermodel, and her hair and makeup superbly highlight her stunning smile. You can’t take your eyes off of her or her curves – all in the right places.

You suddenly feel much younger than you are. You caress her smooth bare leg, and she leans in for a passionate kiss – the kind that ignites a fire that has been dormant for awhile. You are transfixed by this sensual goddess, and you can’t wait to run your hands all over her, ravishing every inch of her naked body.

Our lovely, high-class elite escorts will gift you with one of the most romantic, arousing nights of your life and make you feel like Prince Charming.

The Girlfriend Experience

What is The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)?

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is exactly what you think. Your elite escort will be your girlfriend. You can take her to a party, dinner, dancing, and back to your place for a night of lovemaking that will overload your senses. A Girlfriend Experience escort will crown you king of her world.

Your GFE escort will entice with her charm and intelligence. She will flirt and tease. She won’t be shy, but she will know if you want to lead the seductive tango or if she should initiate the foreplay dance. She won’t be in a hurry to have a quickie, end the night, and roll over to sleep.  

High Class Girlfriend Experience Escorts from Red Door Agency

Instead, our GFE escorts love slow foreplay that escalates eventually to orgasmic ecstasy.  

After dinner or dancing, she will go with you to your place. Closing the door, you press against her, smelling her sweet perfume. She kisses you deeply with your tongues entwining and feels your hardness. She unzips your pants, and you slip her dress off of her shoulders.  She unclasps her bra, and your mouth engulfs her voluptuous breasts and perky nipples.

“Let’s shower,” she says, letting her dress and panties fall to the floor.

Naked, your escort is breathtaking.

Caressing each other gently in the shower, you can’t wait to make love to her.

“Not yet,” she says, taking your erection in her mouth.

She brings you to the tipping point before sliding out of the shower. Your hands roam over her wet skin. Your GFE escort bends over the counter, and her magnificent reflection in the mirror smiles at you.

“Now,” she whispers, spreading her legs.

Your take her from behind and rock her slowly with thrusts. She never breaks eye contact as you kiss her neck and massage her breasts. Before you finish, she turns around, leading you to the bed.

An overpowering craving consumes you, and your lovemaking goes until you collapse in each other’s arms.

Our GFE escorts enjoy making a man feel like the best man he can be. They want you to remember that sex can be romantic, passionate, and intimate – without strings.

The Girlfriend Experience

Spoil yourself with more from your GFE escort

Some of our high class escorts in Sydney want to give you more than a night of adoring lovemaking.

You may want to enhance your GFE experience with some kink like Anal Sex or Light BDSM. If you want to indulge in these erotic services, we can accommodate your fetishes to make your time with your GFE escort even more unforgettable.

Maybe you want an Erotic Tantric Massage. One of our skilled GFE Sydney escorts will relax your body with gentle, rhythmic strokes, releasing any pent-up stress.

Have you always wanted to be with two women? Your GFE escort will engage in a bisexual duo with one of her escort friends. They will tease and please, kiss and cuddle, enveloping you with their fawning femininity, or you can watch them delight in each other. Sometimes two is simply sweeter than one.

We can easily add any of these extras to your booking.

High Class Girlfriend Experience Escorts from Red Door Agency
High Class Girlfriend Experience Escorts from Red Door Agency
High Class Girlfriend Experience Escorts from Red Door Agency

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The Girlfriend Experience

Our GFE call girls are your dream girlfriend

Our high class escorts want to make you forget reality for a little while. They are independent, classy, smart, confident women with open minds who long to talk to you and … make love to you with sweet, but fiery, passion you have always wanted to feel.

Our Sydney escort agency is high-end, elite, and most importantly, discreet. No one will ever know you pampered yourself with a Red Door experience unless you tell them.

Our escorts take pride in their stunning beauty, toned bodies, keen intellect, and sexual talents. Many of our clients say that the time they have spent with our spectacular escorts is incomparable.

When you call to book our escorts, tell us what you want from your girlfriend experience. Be very specific.

For example, if you want oral and straight sex with cuddling and kissing, tell us. If you want two escorts instead of one, we will make that happen. We will match your specific requests with one of our high class escorts. You can book her for a couple of hours, a night, or even longer to satisfy your needs.

Clients from around the world rave about our escorts and their flirty, sensuous passion. They know what they are doing, and they know how to make you happy.

That’s because our escorts love to make you feel confident, and that’s why our clients in Sydney and from around the world come back to us repeatedly to fulfil their lust for a better sexual life.

The Girlfriend Experience

How do I book a GFE escort in Sydney?

  • You can call us seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our bookings coordinator is ready to help you with your girlfriend experience escort whether you live in Sydney or are visiting.

  • Remember, don’t be shy when you talk to our coordinator. She wants to know explicitly what you want in an escort. That’s the best way for us to match you with the ideal GFE escort to match your sensual cravings.

  • Please take note of this requirement: Our escorts have a two-hour minimum Sydney escort booking. You can, of course, book for more than two hours.

  • We're here to make sure you have a flirty, fun time with your GFE escort and some marathon lovemaking in the mix.

The Girlfriend Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) include?

Standard GFE service.

Kissing - French kissing is the number ONE GFE request and is always provided.

Mutual Oral is Provided using a condom in standard GFE.

Sex – Using a condom. Multiple positions and orgasms are offered.

Caressing, Snuggling - Sensual contact, soft touches and cuddles offered.

Sexual Style - The pace may be slower, and more sensual rather than wild.

2. Does the GFE include BBBJ, CIM?

Not within the standard rate, however you may discuss these extras with your escort and upon her discretion she may offer these as an additional service

3. Does the GFE include anal?

No, anal is generally a Porn Star Experience service and offered upon your escort’s discretion and extra service rate.

4. How many shots do I get?

It’s up to you. As many times you can manage is fine.

5. Does this include kissing with tongue?

Yes, French kissing is provided.

6. Can I go down on the escort?

Yes, mutual oral is included in GFE, it offers deeper intimacy and body contact.

7. Can I finger the escort?

Strictly upon your escort’s discretion. And using a condom on your finger for safety & hygiene purposes.

8. Can I use toys on the escort?

Yes, that’s always fun. And can lead to a full toy show for you as a great extra service.

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